Training for bridge crane operators

Training for bridge crane operators

A participant is trained to operate bridge cranes. Theoretical and practical knowledge needed to safely operate a bridge crane in just a day.

Training description
  • Legal requirements for the safe operation of a bridge crane,
  • Types of bridge cranes;
  • Proper management of the bridge crane,
  • Dangers of working with a bridge crane.


The training covers the theoretical and practical part with qualification examination.

Conditions for applying

Conditions for applying:

  • minimum age 18
  • medical ability to work with a bridge crane,
  • competence in reading and writing.


When signing up, please send:

  • name of the candidate,
  • billing details;


The number of places in each training is limited.


If a non-sufficient number of candidates are applied for an announced training term, we reserve the right to cancel or change the term.

Our bridge crane operator training instructor:
Information and application

Neža Cussigh, educational activity organizer, e-mail:, gsm: 040 427 974


Cost of training: € 110.00 + VAT per participant


The price includes materials, taking qualification examination and certification.


The training is carried out every third Tuesday in month, at the premises of Civis Learning Center on Tržaška cesta 65 in Maribor.


Training is also provided outside the regular term or location.