A participant is trained as responsible person for security of storage racks (PRSES). A person responsible for the safety of storage racks (PRSES) is designated by you and trained by us.  In practice, we have noticed that in many cases storage racks are poorly maintained, which increases the risk of an accident at work.

The person responsible for Safety Equipment Storage (PRSES) is designated by the employer. This person makes sure that working in a warehouse with storage racks is safe, that these are properly inspected and maintained in accordance with the regulations.


In each warehouse or workplace that has storage shelves in use, in accordance with standard EN 15635: 2009, an employer should designate a person or group of persons to take care of safety of these storage shelves. At the Training of Responsible Persons for Storage Shelves (PRSES), the participants are acquainted with the measures necessary to ensure the continued safety of working with storage racks. They are taught how to carry out regular shelving inspections, how to prepare and use a checklist of inspections, which documents they need, and how to communicate internally when any irregularities or need for informing might occur.

Training description
  • Basics of legislation and definition of work equipment.
  • Equipment in storage.
  • Personal protective equipment.
  • Review issues and documentation.
  • Standard SIST EN 15635: 2009.
  • The process of appointing and briefing those responsible for the safety of shelving systems (PRSES).
  • Responsibilities of workers, managers and responsible persons for the safety of shelving systems (PRSES).
  • Practice review.
  • Verification of internal audit findings.
  • Risk and recurrent damage management on storage racks.
  • How to organize and properly carry out any repair of storage racks.
  • Documentation and minutes and reports required.
  • Technical documentation of storage racks.
  • Composition of storage racks, labels on racks.
  • Practical training on shelving systems.
Our PRSES training instructor:


Our PRSES training instructor:

Tina Vadas, organizer of educational activity, e-mail:, gsm: 040 623 163


Cost of training: € 225.00 + VAT per participant


In case of applying 2 (two) or more candidates, you receive a 10% discount!


The price includes:  refreshments, qualification examination, and certificate of competence.


The trainings are carried out every three months, at the premises of the Civis Learning Center on Tržaška cesta 65 in Maribor and in the storage facilities of the partner involved.


Training is also provided outside the regular term or location.


The number of places in each training is limited.


If a non-sufficient number of candidates are applied for an announced training term, we reserve the right to cancel or change the term.

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