SCC/SCP Training

SCC/SCP Training

SCC/SCP Training

(Dutch Standard Code: VCA (SCC) and VCU (SCP))

SCC training for operation workers (A-16 and A-18) and managers (A-17). Personal certificate according to the international standard SCC / SCP, which enables a worker or also a manager to work at European construction sites and workplaces with a higher level of occupational safety and health and environmental protection.

About SCC / SCP standard


Problems with ensuring safety and health at work are detected on temporary construction sites, working sites or individual working places, where improvisation is a common working method. At such construction sites or working sites, workers do not work in regular places, change in work place is very common, and there are many different contractors and worker profiles, and extensive hiring of work force causes difficulties in defining the responsibilities of individual employers.


General training is often not sufficient to enable the worker to take the appropriate measures for such a wide range of unforeseen situations. Environmental risks also arise in such conditions. There is a need for a comprehensive and unified system that ensures an adequate level of safety and health of workers and the protection of the environment in all areas of the work process. SCC/SCP standard a security standard for services with your own or contracted workforce – meets these requirements.


  • demonstrate your occupational health and safety policy with an internationally recognized standard,
  • you can enter the EU market and be more competitive than other companies that do not already have this standard, as they cannot do business and perform works for companies that have already adopted the standard (chemical industry, paper and pulp industry, assembly companies, etc.),
  • the standard is rapidly expanding to other activities,
  • you have an overview of occupational safety and health and environmental protection, which you must already implement under current legislation,
  • in the long run, you reduce costs due to various indirect effects (e.g. fewer sick days…)


  • you have an intention to give serious consideration to occupational safety and health and environmental protection, and you care how the work will be executed,
  • based on the certificate, you can be confident that your chosen contractor will do his job safely and environmentally friendly,
  • you can reasonably expect, on the basis of the certificate, that you do not take any more responsibility than necessary,
  • have an overview of occupational safety and health and environmental protection,
  • the standard is expanding rapidly.
Training description

Date and place of training

SCC/ SCP trainings are conducted every Friday at our premises at Tržaška cesta 65 in Maribor.


Operational Managers (A-17) and Operations Workers (A-16 and A-18)

In our company regular weekly trainings for operative workers and examination are carried out, in cooperation with the TÜV AUSTRIA certification company.


The SCC/SCP Personal Certificate can be obtained from document A-17 for operating managers, and from document A-16 and A-18 for operating personnel.

Where is the SCC standard required?

For works with an increased risk to the safety and health of workers, such as:

  • maintenance or construction in demanding industrial processes,
  • in chemical industry,
  • in paper/ pulp industry,
  • in wood industry,
  • in assembly industry,
  • in construction or renovation of energy facilities,
Our SCC Training Instructor:

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Information and application

mag. Damijan Švajncer Butinar, e-mail:, gsm: 041 791 117

Maša Peršak, e-mail:, gsm: 051 643 605


To apply, fill in the table where you enter the information of the candidates you are applying for.


Cost of training – program for operational workers: € 290.00 + VAT per participant

Cost of training – program for operational workers: € 235.00 + VAT per participant


The price includes qualification examination, refreshments, certificate of competence, SCC booklet.


The trainings are carried out every Friday, at the premises of Civis Learning Center on Tržaška cesta 65 in Maribor.


Training is also provided outside the regular term or location.


The number of places in each training is limited.